To the Cheviot hills oil painting | Timothy Gent Gallery
Original art landscape oil painting To the Cheviot hills, Northumberland by fine artist Timothy Gent

To the Cheviot hills

As the seasons change and autumn turns sharply to winter, you notice the gradual changes that show up in the landscape. Stronger breezes accompanies you most days and bring with it ever changing skies lit by the low sun.

As nature makes its steady turn to winter, the landscape marks its progress. You see the return of fields from crops to soil, the falling of leaves and the change to earthy colours.

I’ve seen this view through summer and now autumn turning to winter. It is one of those views that asks that you stop and spend some time taking it all in.

It’s a wonderful vista that displays the line of the Cheviot Hills on the Northumberland border and all the countryside that leads to it. You are also treated to magnificent open skies and you can feel the power of the elements over this rolling landscape.

I hoped to capture the liveliness and movement in the landscape with my brushstrokes and reflect what was felt from observation on a breezy, sunlit day.

To the Cheviot Hills landscape oil painting is painted using professional artist oils on Italian linen.



Sunset over the tide | Timothy Gent Gallery
Sunset over the tide original painting by fine artist Timothy Gent

Sunset over the tide

Over the summer, I’ve been taking regular trips to the beach and been treated to some beautiful skies and views over the sea.

Some of them have been dramatic as intense rain and thunderstorms swept across the landscape.

One of my latest original paintings is Sunset over the tide showing a view of the sunset over the sea as you look from St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire.

I’ve shown the intense contrast of light, colour and atmosphere of a beautiful sunset, with clouds passing by over the sky.

Many of the techniques used in this painting mirror Joseph Turner's use of watercolour. In particular I've used wet-in-wet passages to bring rich colour and texture to the painting. As with most of my watercolours, the brilliance of light comes from the paper itself, in this case with a wash of aureolin (a transparent yellow) over the paper.

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Serene seas oil painting | Timothy Gent Gallery
Original art oil painting Serene seas, Ross sands at Lindisfarne in Northumberland by fine artist Timothy Gent

Since the start of the year, I've been using oils and watercolours to bring you the sensations of being by the sea from the sandy beach at Lytham St Annes, Lancashire and Ross sands in Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast.

I've continued the themes which have occupied me previously, paintings inspired by the sea's movements and rhythms.

As you know, the marine environment is ever changing, leaving remarkable visual shapes and patterns in its wake.

Walking along the sandy beach near Amble, you come across rocks which the sea has carved out and created beautiful natural curves and lines which surprise and delight.

It is these unusual shapes, patterns and rhythms together with the views from the shore that affect the way I paint my beach paintings.

I've completed three new oil paintings recently from views near Lindisfarne. Calm seas, Ross, Lindisfarne (sold), Serene seas, Ross sands (shown) and Offshore, Ross sands.



Sunset over low tide | Timothy Gent Gallery
Original art watercolour painting Sunset over low tide, St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire by fine artist Timothy Gent

With the start of the New Year, I've put together a new exhibition of watercolour paintings inspired by the beach at St Annes-on-sea.

With the shorter days and sunset and sunrise feature more on my walks along the beach. Many of the paintings are inspired by this winter light and the subtle colours that you find during this time of year.

The tides have been coming in and going out far, so many of the paintings show the beach at low tide.

The quiet, natural beauty as you look out to the west with the sun setting over the sea is something which often inspires me (and makes venturing out into the cold wind tolerable).

It often leads to exciting new possibilities for painting the seascape. I am often surprised how going to the beach leads to new artworks. It is such an important part of the landscape and life here in St Annes.

If you'd like to see these watercolour paintings, they are now showing in the gallery.