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Into the blue oil painting April 2018

Original art oil painting Into the blue, Ross sands beach at Lindisfarne in Northumberland by fine artist Timothy Gent
Into the blue | Oil on canvas

I’ve been at the easel during April, creating a new oil painting called Into the blue. Having enjoyed a few excursions to the Northumberland coast, the sea has featured foremost in my mind when it comes to new paintings.

The painting reflects the play of light, the colours and movement over the coast. The blue of the sunlit sea is a beautiful mixture of cerulean blues with French ultramarine.

Linear textured brushstrokes describe the sunlit horizon with its beautiful subtle tones where the sea meets the sky.

Lively movement and depth in the sky is explored through layers of textured angular brushstrokes, with interesting mixtures of pinks, light yellows, greys towards pure cerulean blue.

Into the blue uses professional oils made by Williamsburg and Michael Harding on an artist canvas of a traditional depth of 2 cm.

If you’d like to see more details of this oil painting, please view Into the blue in the gallery.