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Light before rain February 2018 | News

Light before rain original landscape painting by fine artist Timothy Gent

As the cold weather continues into February, the landscape has felt very wintery. One thing that I love about this time of year are the skies, with the winter sun creating wonderful light. Here in the north, by the Cheviot hills, I've been out looking in the winter landscape and have created two new original paintings from these experiences.

The latest of which is Light before rain. As you can see, it is semi-abstract but based on a view of the surrounding hills near Eckford in Roxburghshire. A short walk from my studio.

Light before rain is filled with the light of the winter sun as it shines through the clouds and over the hills. I've used expressive marks and textures from a painting knife to capture the beauty of the light over the landscape, the contrasts and the constant movement of the elements.

For these new paintings, I've chosen to use a fully opaque way of painting with water-based mediums, watercolour and gouache and a painting knife. It has a delicious richness and pigment power, not to mention the beautiful textures on Clairefontaine artist paper.

It has taken me a few tries to get used to this way of working for these recent paintings, as it handles differently to standard watercolours - like an oil paint but quick drying and reworkable with water. Yet, it has been an enjoyable process!