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Oil painting To the Cheviot hills December 2015 | News

Original art landscape oil painting To the Cheviot hills, Northumberland by fine artist Timothy Gent

To the Cheviot hills

As the seasons change and autumn turns sharply to winter, you notice the gradual changes that show up in the landscape. Stronger breezes accompanies you most days and bring with it ever changing skies lit by the low sun.

As nature makes its steady turn to winter, the landscape marks its progress. You see the return of fields from crops to soil, the falling of leaves and the change to earthy colours.

I’ve seen this view through summer and now autumn turning to winter. It is one of those views that asks that you stop and spend some time taking it all in.

It’s a wonderful vista that displays the line of the Cheviot Hills on the Northumberland border and all the countryside that leads to it. You are also treated to magnificent open skies and you can feel the power of the elements over this rolling landscape.

I hoped to capture the liveliness and movement in the landscape with my brushstrokes and reflect what was felt from observation on a breezy, sunlit day.

To the Cheviot Hills landscape oil painting is painted using professional artist oils on Italian linen.