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Silent seas oil painting June 2017

Original oil painting Silent seas by fine artist Timothy Gent
Silent seas | Oil on canvas

Silent seas oil painting is based on views from earlier trips in the year, when I've been out on Ross sands as the sun has started to set.

It is beautiful to see the colours and soft tones as the sun starts to set behind the Cheviot hills. The sunset filling the clouds with colour and the horizon illuminated with soft light. A feeling of calm and serenity spreads over the landscape.

This painting is a reflection of those experiences and I wanted to show the sense of peace as the light changes and it becomes twilight.

I've used cooler blues in the sea with Prussian blue mixed with Payne's grey to express the lower light levels. Napthol reds mix with Ultramarine to create the soft reddy purple tones of sunset. I've also used shades of cadmium yellow and warm white together with bright titanium white highlights. The painting is ready to hang and has white edges 4.3 cm deep.

You can view Silent seas oil painting in the gallery.