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Sunset by the sea oil painting December 2017

Sunset by the sea oil painting by fine artist Timothy Gent
Sunset by the sea | Oil on canvas

Sunset by the sea is the second of two smaller oil paintings I’ve completed recently. It celebrates the colour, light and movement you find by the sea as the sun sets. I've always found it a calming, quiet time, with the sun setting, the light changing and the colours intensifying.

It is based on sunsets you find on the east coast of England, with the sun setting over the hills behind the sea but affecting the colour of the sky and the horizon.

I’ve kept the marks raw in the painting. You can see the immediacy and sense of movement the alla prima brushmarks create. As with all my recent oil paintings, I’ve used texture in a descriptive way to help me suggest movement and the material quality of the land, sea and sky.

The oil feels minimal and I feel, invites you to simply enjoy the sensation of inferred space, movement, light and colour.