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Sunset over low tide original painting January 2015 | News

Original art watercolour painting Sunset over low tide, St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire by fine artist Timothy Gent

With the start of the New Year, I've put together a new exhibition of watercolour paintings inspired by the beach at St Annes-on-sea.

With the shorter days and sunset and sunrise feature more on my walks along the beach. Many of the paintings are inspired by this winter light and the subtle colours that you find during this time of year.

The tides have been coming in and going out far, so many of the paintings show the beach at low tide.

The quiet, natural beauty as you look out to the west with the sun setting over the sea is something which often inspires me (and makes venturing out into the cold wind tolerable).

It often leads to exciting new possibilities for painting the seascape. I am often surprised how going to the beach leads to new artworks. It is such an important part of the landscape and life here in St Annes.

If you'd like to see these watercolour paintings, they are now showing in the gallery.