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Twilight skies, Eckford March 2019 | News

Twilight skies, Eckford landscape watercolour painting by fine artist Timothy Gent

Over recent weeks, I’ve been working on a series of watercolours based on views of the sea and also of twilight views of my local landscape.

I’ve incorporated some of the techniques Turner and others used to create their skies. With large amounts of water used in a series of layers, letting the paint bloom.

I am always amazed by the intensity of colours displayed during sunset and have tried to show this in Twilight skies, Eckford.

The painting uses a range of earthy oranges, yellows, pinks and purples. For some of these colours, I’ve used Daniel Smith watercolour paints instead of purely Winsor & Newton.

One of the main challenges of displaying artwork is that of showing colours correctly. Something which is difficult even with professional level photographic equipment. Some artworks are harder than others to photograph and this one seems to be quite tricky to get right as there are some subtle shades of red, pinks and oranges within the painting.