Contemporary original paintings of the seashore

During January I’ve been relying on studies of previous visits to the sea to create my latest original paintings. I’ve created two contemporary paintings, Sunlit shore and Silvery light over the shore, both watercolour on paper.

Contemporary original painting Sunlit shore by fine artist Timothy Gent
Sunlit shore | Watercolour on paper
Contemporary original painting Silvery light over the shore by fine artist Timothy Gent
Silvery light over the shore | Watercolour on paper

They have a pure, minimal feel to them and principally communicate qualities of light, space and movement over the seashore. They show the patterns, rhythms and textures of nature in a direct, modern and contemporary manner.

They are closer to my recent oil paintings in approach and are more abstract, pure and focused on communicating the essential qualities seen.

The paintings semi-abstract aesthetic and pure minimal forms may allow for calm, restful contemplation. I’ve chosen muted, natural colours to allow for a focus on the painting structure and form. The paper is fairly textured and allows for a delightfully noticeable trace of unique textures, subtle washes that an original watercolour has.

As contemporary fine art reminders of the light and movement of the sea, I think they would look superb in a modern frame, glazed and hung in your chosen space.

They are currently available now online in the gallery.