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Buying original fine art paintings

Would you like to make the best choice when you're looking to buy original art?

Where can I buy original paintings?

You'll find information about where you can purchase original paintings and some insights into how the different art venues differ from one another.

Why buy original art?

Here you will find some thoughts about why buying original art is such a good choice and what makes it so special.

When you've chosen an artwork you love, you'll have that 'just right' feeling and you'll know it was a good decision.

Questions to ask when you buy your original art

From a practicing artist point of view, I think there are there are a few simple questions to ask that can help you choose fine art you will be happy with.

It's probably true that the best indicators of the right work is still simply the excitement, intrigue and pleasure it gives you and whether it simply feels right.

When browsing through art collections you will surely come across some types of art that attracts you more than others. You could try to imagine the painting or drawing hanging in your home or office and ask yourself is it something I want? Will it fit in with my existing fine art or surroundings? and will I be happy living with the artwork all the time?

Established types of art

Artists produce original artwork on a variety of surfaces, each very different, so let me take you through the more established ones so you are familiar with the mediums offered:

Oil paintings

Watercolour paintings


Framing your original artwork

Find out more about framing including information about choosing the right frame for your artwork and aesthetic considerations.

The artwork's price or value

The price or value of a piece of original art often reflect these further factors:

Whether it is a considered a major painting of the artist's oeuvre, signed and exhibited as a "Timothy Gent" etc. These will be more expensive than studies or work in other mediums not central to the artist's major work (some artist's make a distinction by framing their major exhibition artworks and leave their other work unframed but this is not always the case).

You might think that large sized artworks automatically make the work more expensive but in my opinion, it depends. Again, this is only my opinion but the time taken to create a work of art in traditional mediums is more of an indicator of an artworks price than size.

The Certificate of Authenticity

Not all artists or galleries offer this but many will offer you a signed C.O.A or certificate of authenticity with your purchase. Like a passport, it can accompany your artwork, this is usually signed and issued by the artist if buying direct from him or her, or from the gallery and is a written or printed page documenting the details of the artwork. When it comes to showing ownership or reselling your artwork in the future, it can help to verify its authenticity. It can include the artwork's title, size, medium, artists name, date released, the sale price, name of buyer.

Do you have any further questions or would like any more information about original art? Please feel free to contact me.