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Buying original art watercolour paintings

Watercolour paintings are seen as a good choice when it comes to buying original art. The medium offers many benefits and many people prefer the aesthetic to other forms of art, regardless of the fact that they tend to be less expensive than other mediums. Some people prefer to buy watercolour paintings when their budget does not stretch to larger artworks such as oil paintings and also if they are keen to purchase work by a particular artist.

Today, the watercolour can hold its head up high as an established medium and one in which is known for its beautiful subtle colours and tones. As I mentioned, the aesthetic of a watercolour painting is different to any other medium and is very attractive to many people.

They were originally used as a medium used for rapid sketches in preparation for an oil painting. Eventually they evolved into a very popular art form with artists and used to produce finished work, with a particular beauty in their unique crispness of line and sensitive, lucid transparent washes.

Created in the opposite way to oil paintings, working from light to dark, they use the colour of the paper as their light. Watercolour is also fairly flexible medium in that it can be applied opaquely or in watery washes that dry quickly.

In the past, watercolour paintings were seen as secondary examples of an artist's work and therefore more affordable, despite the skill needed to produce a successful watercolour. It is a challenging medium to master as an artist because of the element of fluidity, foresight and speed required. For me, they are rewarding to paint and offer a high satisfaction rating, perhaps because of the economy of means and the simplicity of adding water to paint and applying it to paper.

Watercolour paintings, like original drawings can require more careful handling as compared to oil paintings. Oils from your fingers will damage the paper and paint surface if touched too much.

Too much light or exposure to UV is the enemy of a watercolour painting. The ultimate in protection for a watercolour painting is to be stored in a dark place with constant humidity (I guess why they are often kept behind curtains in art museums). But if you want to see and enjoy your watercolour whilst keeping it protected, you might want to hang it away from sunlight or source of humidity, in a UV protected glass frame with conservation grade acid free mount.

The only associated cost of displaying a watercolour painting is the need for framing under glass, which can be achieved at a reasonable cost but has the side benefit of protecting the artwork as well. The overall cost after framing may be less than with an oil painting for example.

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