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Displaying large oil paintings

Displaying large oil paintings | Timothy Gent Gallery
Displaying large oil paintings

I was contacted recently by one of my fine art collectors and shown one of my large oil paintings displayed in a new frame. It brought to mind that there are many important qualities a larger oil painting can offer and the resulting look and feel of your home or office interior that I'd like to highlight here.

Scale and impact

The material presence of paint on a large canvas is immediately apparent and the picture appears larger than you, the viewer.

In extremes, if you hang a large painting, the depicted scene is of a larger than human scale. Simply, you are surrounded by the painting, rather than you surrounding the painting. The psychological effect is akin to how you might look out at nature, from within nature, as you are surrounded by this environment.

By creating a picture ‘window’ of a large size on your walls, you can feel it’s presence and energy. This is both an immersive physical effect and an effect from all the visual qualities of the painting.

This material and ‘flat screen’ power is one of the particular qualities a larger painting offers. Perhaps it is something you may have experienced visiting art galleries, where you view a large oil painting close up and you are surrounded by it’s aesthetic qualities.

Greater variation in painting marks, textures

The larger oil painting, with a bigger painting surface, can show a wider range of marks with greater contrast. With a larger space to work, an artist can use larger size of brush and bigger differences and contrasts in the size of the brushmarks or painting marks.

Framing power

Larger works, framed in a box frame surround and/or glazed can look spectacular and increase the impact of a large artwork. Creating a smart, modern art gallery effect to your interior.

Making your interior look contemporary

A large oil painting hanging on your walls can give your space a particularly impressive and unique look that cannot be achieved in any other way. A gallery or feature wall occupied by a contemporary fine artwork will fill the room with the aesthetic qualities of the painting or image displayed. In addition, the large areas of colour, tone and brushstrokes will set the feel and atmosphere within your room.

Displaying a large oil painting can transform your interior and is an investment in your home or office that has the potential to offer you something special and uniquely personal.

Published October 2020