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Original drawings for sale in the gallery

This last month, I’ve been drawing more than painting and I’ve created a small collection of original drawings on paper. I’ve kept an open mind on the subject and have drawn views that have struck me as visually interesting: The figure and an interior view from a window.

I’ve returned to having a drawings webpage in the gallery as a way of showing my original drawings for sale and any future drawings.

Original portrait drawing of a figure drawn in coloured pencil by Timothy Gent
Figure resting | Pencil & colour pencil on paper

Figure resting is my latest drawing, where I have used simple line and expressive colour to suggest the figure. The suggestion of light is something really enjoyable about creating drawings and when you pare a view back to the drawn line and small areas of colour, the quality of light becomes prominent. (Akin to viewing a black and white image instead of a colour version - you notice the lights and darks more.)

The drawing uses the suggestion of space and solidity through line and areas of colour. I have merged coloured line and pencil line, showing the form of the figure. The drawing has a contemporary feel, particularly in the choice of colours, ranging from burnt Sienna and pink to a delicious blue from Karisma pencils.

Original graphite drawing from an interior looking out of a window by Timothy Gent
Study from a window, sunshine after rain | Graphite on paper

My second drawing, Study from a window, sunshine after rain is a technically a hybrid drawing/monochrome painting. To explain, having discovered a water soluble graphite in pencil form, I’ve experimented with drawing and using light washes of water with a brush. Having graphite and water as the sole medium, I have termed it a drawing.

The artwork is a view out from one of my windows and it shows an early spring view after changeable weather. It is inspired by the beautiful light and shadows of wet rooftops in the sunlight, surrounded by atmospheric clouds.

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