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About painting the sea

Painting the sea with a new artwork titled Bright shore by fine artist Timothy Gent
Bright shore | Watercolour on paper

As wintery weather keeps a check on the rise of spring, many of the views I've experienced at the beach have yet to feel spring's presence.

The atmosphere of the coast still works it's magic for me though. The visual patterns in the sea and it's ever changing forms underpinned by a natural order still fascinate and surprise.

I've turned to watercolour, as a favourite medium of mine to express the feelings of the sea. The light, textures and atmosphere of the watercolour painting suit depictions of the coast and landscape very well. J.M.W Turner or Thomas Gainsborough (also signed TG) paintings are perfect examples of this.

Artists naturally interpret the subject in different ways. Over the last few years I've steadily tried to add originality to my watercolours. Some of these touches include minimalism, abstract colour and gradients to express feeling in a contemporary way.

In many of the paintings I've also used opaque white in places to add an extra dimension, feeling and texture to the painting (opaque white is often difficult to control in combination with water and transparent colours, hence a source of anguish when painting!).

As you can see, I am not aiming at a full visual representation of what I see out on the sands but a compression of feelings and observations into a single painting. Balancing the real and abstract.

In recent work I've introduced Daniel Smith watercolours as an experimental addition to my regular slightly habitual use of Winsor & Newton watercolours. They seem to work fine in my paintings with lovely deep Cerulean and rich ultramarine blues to add to cobalt and manganese blues. Expressing a wonderful range of tone and colour found in the sea.

Published March 2016