Original fine art since 2007

Painting the seascape

Detail from oil painting Offshore, Lindisfarne by fine artist Timothy Gent
Detail from Offshore, Lindisfarne | Oil on linen

The attraction of the sea for someone who grew up on the coast can be very strong. If you’ve ever moved away from a particular place you have a strong connection to, you might recognise those feelings.

For me, when the beach and the sea is absent I start to feel like something is missing. So, I’ve found it’s a subject I turn to first to paint or photograph.

There is so much there to explore through my art. Nearly every visit to the beach reveals a new arrangement of sea, sand and sky. You also see the beach in different light each time. You notice the mood and configuration of the waves which suggests new forms and compositions.

With visits to the same beach, the interest for me is in exploring feelings from all the information I’ve experienced, to create a new painting. Using the colours, textures and contrast on the canvas or paper.

It is great to be reminded of the sea and the sense of open space, the colours and the movement of nature on a grand scale.

Published April 2019