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Sunset paintings from Lytham St Annes beach

As the days draw in and the night descends upon us quickly, you tend to notice the sunset and change of light more. It is magical to see the phases of the sun setting during the late afternoon.

Having taken a few trips to Lytham St Annes beach over the last few months, I've been for walks to, and along, the beach. I’ve encountered some lovely sunset scenes with the light over the water and the sands. As I also like to make photographs, I 'remember' many of these sights through photographs and I use these to help jog my memory when I paint.

Sunsets are enjoyable over the vast space and openness of the beach as they change the atmosphere of the beach quite dramatically over a small period of time. Not only the intensity of light but the colours displayed change before your eyes.

As you look up from beach the skies are particularly stunning, exhibiting such a variety of colour, in such richness that you wouldn't think you'd see it in nature. Then there are the patterns and tones of the sea which are changing all the time as it washes over land.

Over the last few months, I've been continuing to build up my collection of sunset paintings with a number of small to medium sized watercolour paintings of Lytham St Annes beach now showing in the gallery.

Sunset seas, Lytham St Annes watercolour painting | Timothy Gent Gallery
Sunset seas, Lytham St Annes | Watercolour on paper | 24.3 × 23.3 cm | Ref: V21121X

Sunset seas, Lytham St Annes is my latest watercolour painting and it displays the colours and mood of early sunset over the seashore. It has a lovely range of soft, pastel-like colours which remind you of the low sun shining through the winter clouds, stretching out over the Irish Sea.

Soft reflections glow in the wet sandy shoreline, made up of undulating sand bars. This painting, like many of my watercolours aims to show you the essential qualities of a view and here I have suggested the open skies and seas with the minimum of detail.

The painting is created using mainly Daniel Smith watercolours with some Winsor and Newton paints on stretched Arches Aquarelle paper. It is of a lovely size and flexible enough to be framed to suit most rooms - a great way to remind yourself of sunset, nature and the sea!

Published December 2021