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Exhibition of Sunset Watercolour Paintings

Exhibition of sunset watercolour paintings by fine artist Timothy Gent
Exhibition of sunset watercolour paintings

Introducing a new collection of sunset watercolour paintings I’ve been working on since New Year.

The new watercolour paintings are filled with the light and colour of the winter sunset. They are based on observations while walking over the sands at St Annes-on-sea.

The winter months often seem to bring low tides and a long walk out over the sands. Often revealing the immense scale of the space occupied by the sea and bringing nature and the weather into focus. With your environment changing from urban to simply being land and the sea, while you face the fresh air and the sun.

The inspiration, for me, comes from the beautiful quality of light over everything during the winter. With the sun remaining low in the sky and with the cold weather, it creates a wonderful atmosphere and infinitely soft tones and colours. The light and colour can also be intense during the climax of sunset.

The new paintings capture a variety of conditions in and around sunset and would make for an atmospheric and colourful reminder of sunset over the sea.

Published January 2019