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Where can I buy original paintings?

You may be asking the question where can I buy original paintings? Perhaps you’d like an original or to buy a series of paintings and are unsure where to find them.

As shopping trends turn increasingly towards the internet as a way of buying goods and services, so it is with shopping for original art. Many traditional art galleries and retail outlets are now being eclipsed by the rising tide of online alternatives.

There are so many ways you can approach buying original paintings. What artwork you find and buy largely depends on whether you have a particular specialism or artist in mind when searching.

Here is a list of some of the options when it comes to buying original paintings:

  • • Online art galleries showing a single artist e.g. Timothy Gent Gallery
  • • Online and offline art galleries showing a selected group of painters e.g. Campden Gallery, Marlborough Fine Art
  • • Online only art sellers e.g. Zatista
  • • Online auction houses e.g. Sotheby’s, Christies
  • • Online auction websites e.g. eBay, Etsy
  • • Online classified advertisements e.g Craigslist
  • • Market stalls or other selling venues e.g. pop-up shops
  • • Commercial spaces used to display original paintings for sale e.g. restaurant walls, cafes, waiting rooms

If you simply start a Google search for “original paintings for sale” you will find around 114 million results with those who have the biggest presence, can spend the most on advertising, and offer the largest selection of paintings from all around the world.

The upside of buying your original paintings this way is that although it is time-consuming, you can filter and sort through the paintings fairly efficiently and eventually discover an artwork you’d like based on what that particular platform shows you.

The downside is that you rarely have much information presented about the artist you are buying and a large proportion of the sale price is taken by the business in commission rather than benefitting the artist. You will likely not receive any communication directly from the artist and so with many of the larger online art retailers, it feels much more like shopping for a ‘widget’ rather than a personal, hand-made item that an artist has put their soul into.

Another way of finding where to buy original paintings is to locate art retailers who match your preferences. With this method, you may find more specialized, smaller, independent galleries to buy from.

The upside of this approach to buying original paintings is that if you have some ideas about the kind of original you’d like to buy and are more specific in your search, you may uncover some more buying options than you would be using the first approach. E.g. Original seascape painting by Timothy Gent, either online or look offline for your type of painting through printed art catalogues, galleries magazine (which is often freely distributed), art-fairs, etc.

So, if you have a subject that interests you, such as a seascape, landscape, or a style such as modern or traditional, it can help you when looking for that ideal original painting. So you can go in the right direction and find the right artist, art gallery, or retailer for you.

The downside is that for the very small artist-run galleries, you rely upon the artist to provide a good service. You may have to check for suitability before buying. Things like online reviews, making sure they have a secure checkout, or a secure website starting with https: and it might be a good idea to make personal contact or enquire through email or telephone and check they have a physical address.

In my opinion, the more specialised the search, the closer you are likely to get to the artist or a gallery that you can buy from that is knowledgeable about the artist, can offer a more personal service, and can help you find what you are after.

Where can I buy original paintings?


The answer to where you can buy original paintings is perhaps not as straight forward as it seems. You can choose to search using the internet to find a popular art website and pick an original painting out of a huge selection using popular art websites. But in my opinion, the more you can establish what you’d like out of an original painting and look into those places which offer that, the more rewarding you will find your art purchase to be. Those retailers will be able to help you buy original paintings to fit your needs, offers the right support, and buying guidance.