Original fine art since 2007

Why buy original fine art?

Why buy original fine art? An understandable question given their price tag and the availability of alternatives these days. Original paintings have many excellent properties that make them a good choice as a way to improve your living space.

An original artwork has been created out of nothing, an idea in the artist"s eye and mind and made into a living "thing" by practical application of the artist"s skills. It is a very personal object that the artist has deliberately decided to create using their favourite medium.

One of the striking things about original paintings are that they reveal the physical quality of the painting process. All the marks, indents in the medium, brushstrokes etc. are there for the viewer to see in all their richness.

As an artist creating a painting, you use your tool of a brush or painting knife in varied ways that reveal all the properties of the medium. Edges of a brush develop different textures and subtle colour changes appear in curves or lines where the brush has rolled as the artist has placed a mark. Light reverberates around an oil paint surface, reflected and contained by the various artists" pigments, whether transparent or opaque.

An original painting has qualities of colour than no print can match. Perhaps best described as a quality of "weight" which includes the quantity of pigment on the canvas – its richness or thickness, pure colour and so the amount of light absorbed and finally physical texture – created through the type of application onto the page or canvas. They are powerful qualities that give the original painting a special physical presence absent from any print.

Similar to the physical qualities of an original painting are the more artistic signs of expression which show in way the artist has painted it – the rawness of feelings, the power of their directness for all to see on the canvas. There is nothing else like it in the world, as you know each painting is an original, never to be created again. An original painting is also made unique by the choice of annotations to the painting, particularly the back of the painting where the artist may choose to sign, title or write notes on the back of the canvas as it is being made. The choice of materials is an additional, arguably less important quality that affects the final qualities of the picture.

Original paintings are less expensive than you may think and many artists choose to sell their original paintings directly from their studio with most artists found on the internet these days. It is sometimes the case that the artist will direct you to a gallery they are in a contract with to sell their art but you will find many artists are able to sell you their work simply through contacting them online.

Original paintings are dearer than prints but prove to be a much better investment in the long run regardless of whether or not the painter achieves fame. There is the personal satisfaction of owning a one-off, meaningful, beautiful object that can become a permanent part of your home as well as the knowledge that you have contributed to the career of a talented artist and sometimes even a rise in resale price for your original painting.