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The Timothy Gent Gallery is the official online art collection of original paintings for sale by professional artist Timothy Gent. It was started in 2007 and offers original original oil paintings and original watercolour paintings online in the gallery, where you can buy directly from the artist.

The original art collections are updated regularly and always show the latest pieces available.

The sea and the coastline is Tim's main subject, influenced by a childhood growing up in the seaside town of Lytham St Annes in Lancashire. The artwork is inspired by the light, movement and the open space found within nature. New, contemporary original paintings arise from regular visits and observations of the sea in Lancashire and in recent years, the Northumberland coast.

You will find a modest but beautiful selection of original artworks for sale online in the gallery. Each fine artwork is carefully wrapped, packaged and sent to you by the artist himself. You're new original art will make your home or space totally unique and add a wonderful finishing touch to your space and interior.

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"Have just unwrapped the painting and am delighted. It's even better when you see it for real. Thank you so much and for being so quick to post it. Thrilled with it." Gillian Mccully

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Timothy Gent

Artist statement

Light, movement and the structure of what we see fascinates me, especially by the sea. In my pictures I strive to recreate the beauty and experience of being out in nature; bringing the same sensations to life again through my creative process.

Why do you choose to paint original paintings of the sea?

Water has always interested me, ever since childhood. I grew up one mile from the sandy beach at St Annes-on-sea in Lancashire and being surrounded by nature and the sea made a lasting impression. It is somewhere I love to be and it brings me closer to myself and to happy memories of the past.

Artistically, the coast, the beach and views out to sea are interesting to me as they are fluid, changing environments that can be mirrored through the creative process. The movement and the quality of light found by the coast is so beautiful and I never tire of exploring it.

Can you tell me more about your oil painting process?

My original oil paintings are created in repeated, daily sessions, mostly one day after the next. On occasion I leave it for a few days. They are made wet-into-wet, all at once and the whole canvas is considered anew each time I paint. So the artwork ends up multi-layered. Sometimes I spend time painting in long concentrated sessions and I find I have to focus on one picture at a time, rather than a handful.

I am interested in keeping to the important, essential qualities of the subject seen, as well as working in a new, abstract and expressive way. So I tend to do lots of observation from the beach which helps to inform my art.

My compositions start off in a minimal way but become more complex as the original oil painting develops as I balance all the shapes and colours into a whole, meaningful and expressive abstract image.

Creating art is for me a journey of stages and isn’t always a smooth ride or advancing all the time, it ebbs and flows. Many times the only way forward is to scrape back and build on the experience to take the artwork in a better direction. I don’t have a clear idea of the finished picture in mind when I start, only intangible snippets of experience or images in my head from something I’ve witnessed from nature.

In the past I’d work to create interesting creative marks, but I find these appear naturally now, as a by-product of my own process. I still value the traditional way of painting as much as possible, using thinner layers and established, permanent colours whenever possible.

My style of work has slowly developed over more than ten years now. I am largely self-taught so many of the 'expressive' ways I paint come from practical necessity - how to express what I need to express. I am striving to create something new (within the self-imposed framework of a 2D illusional space) but using time-tested traditional mediums.

Are watercolour paintings also important to you?

Yes, I enjoy creating original paintings in watercolour a great deal, particularly because it is such a fluid, expressive medium and you can be wonderfully subtle and delicate in the way you express the coastal environment. You can suggest marvellous tones and light of the different seasons. As one of the most fluid mediums, I like how it can mirror the actions of water and the sea.

What are your artistic influences?

My influences are mainly artists from an earlier age. Modernist artists like Matisse, Cezanne and some of the London School painters. Frank Auerbach held interest for me in the beginning of my journey as a painter. I admire all modern architecture and photography.

What do you hope to achieve with your art?

I hope to not just be an artist who copies nature but allows you, the viewer, to re-experience life by seeing my original painting. An artwork needs an inner energy, a uniqueness and a life that is visually interesting, bringing you more immediately into the present. Ultimately, art leads you towards a deeper appreciation of the life we live.

Original oil painting brushstrokes by Timothy Gent