Art news by Timothy Gent

The complete collection of news articles written by Timothy Gent and arranged with most recent first. The topics range from my latest abstract original oil paintings to the latest original watercolour paintings and writings about regular subjects and the inspiration behind the artworks.

Introduction of new art

The art introduced on each page varies from oils to watercolours which I had recently finished and offered for sale. I usually described the influences which led to the making of a painting as well as going into detail about the materials I used.

Other art news

The other pages focus on talking about the sea as a subject in my painting, its qualities, locations and the coastal environment. There are some self-written guides which hopefully will provide some helpful information for you when considering buying original fine art. These also include articles about the qualities of the two main mediums I use — oil paintings or watercolours.

I've included articles on art written from 2017 to the present day in date order.