Recent watercolour paintings

My most recent collection of fine art consists of a series of new watercolour paintings of Lytham St Annes beach, on the Lancashire coast - one of my favourite places to paint. Having grown up in St Annes, it has a very special connection for me with special memories and time spent there through my life.

It attracts me to paint it because of the fascinating mood and visual changes on returning afresh to see it, some are big, some are very subtle. At first sight the beach is a seemingly blank canvas of open space with few features. But once you start looking and observing over time, you do notice visual changes.

Perhaps like an Ad Reinhart black squares painting, you start to notice the subtle changes within the work even more, largerly because of its formal simplicity.

Admittedly, it could be seen as a somewhat restrictive subject. Although I feel I can still be creative in bringing out different natural qualities I see each time I visit. With delicious structural and compositional changes to relish and use in the creation of a new set of paintings to come.

So with the arrival of autumn and as we look to hunker down a little for the winter, I’ve chosen a selection of six works on paper reflecting the current season that you might enjoy seeing.

They are filled with the light of sunset or late afternoon. Whether it is the glowing intensity of light over the horizon with Light across the shallows. The colourful intensity of sunset in Twilight reflections and Sunset over the tide. Or the tonal contrasts of Over the shore, St Annes-on-sea and Sunset over the shore.

Each original painting will bring you a peaceful, atmospheric and light-filled reminder of the seashore for your home or space.

All the seascape watercolour paintings in the gallery are currently available to purchase online.

Published October 2020