Twilight, St Annes-on-sea watercolour painting

Twilight, St Annes-on-sea original watercolour painting by Timothy Gent
Twilight, St Annes-on-sea | Watercolour on paper

This month, I've been concentrating on creating a watercolour paintings based on late sunset views from St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire. The artwork shown above is Twilight, St Annes-on-sea.

The magical colour, light and atmosphere of twilight is something I enjoy painting, especially in watercolour painting. I think the medium lends itself well to the delicate colours, tones and textures you find during sunset by the seashore.

With twilight over the sea comes beautiful graduations of colour, soft light in the skies and contrasting light from the sea's varied movements, surfaces and depths. Also the sparkling light over the shore and where wet sands meet the sea.

I was inspired by the beautiful light and atmosphere of sunset, as you look over the open sandy beach. The solitude, the sense of peace and experiencing nature's rhythms are something that I find special and are reflected in my paintings.

Twilight, St Annes-on-sea is a calm, serene painting of the light of sunset and the movement over the shallow shore at St Annes with its miles of sands at low tide.

I've kept the composition simple and minimal with the figurative element of flying seabirds to suggest scale. Textures are created using the natural surface qualities of Arches Aquarelle artist paper along with varying amounts of water.

The smaller size makes the watercolours ideal for displaying in modest sized spaces and they stand out with their lovely range of tones and colours. They are beautiful fine art reminders of the peace and calm that can come from being in and observing nature.

Published October 2017