Oil painting Open seas, Lindisfarne

Original abstract oil painting Open seas, Lindisfarne by fine artist Timothy Gent
Open seas, Lindisfarne | Oil on linen

Through the beginning of May, I’ve been revisiting the coast near Lindisfarne in Northumberland with its broad shoreline and open skies. With the Spring-like sunnier weather, mixed with a cool breeze, I found changeable skies and light conditions over the seashore.

My latest artwork in my oil paintings collection is titled Open seas, Lindisfarne and is inspired by trips to Ross sands at Lindisfarne and what I saw there.

The painting reflects the natural dynamism and energy found at the seashore. The strong breeze morphes clouds into and around one another over the wide open seas. And the soft sunlight masked by higher cloud waxes and wanes over the seashore.

It explores natural dynamism through space using semi-abstract brushstrokes with numerous layers of rich oils. I’ve sought to develop immediacy and a sense of nature in action within the painting.

Strong planes of heavily pressed brushstrokes co-exist with soft, graduated tones and areas of unique texture. Representing the quiet as well as the swiftly changing parts of the seascape.

The colours range from warm creams and pale yellows and orange through to cerulean blue, ultramarine and purple mixes. I’ve also used a lead white alternative by Michael Harding, replicating the original paint very well with its dense, beautifully rich qualities. The canvas I’ve chosen is Belle Arti’s best oil primed linen, which provides a wonderfully stable, oil based foundation for the painting.

Like my recent oil paintings, Open seas, Lindisfarne has a modern, contemporary feel. Some have suggested they have a serene feel but are also powerful at the same time.

Published May 2018