Open shore oil painting

Open shore original oil painting by fine artist Timothy Gent
Open shore | Oil on canvas

My lastest original oil painting Open shore is a new abstract seascape oil on canvas, measuring 30 cm square. I've used sketches as a pointer and aid toward creating a unique image.

I’ve shown the light and movement over the seashore through expressive abstract brushstrokes. The marks and textures suggest the dynamic movement found over the sea, with clouds forming and catching the light as the flow quickly over the sea.

This artwork uses slightly more desaturated colours, more purple and yellow colour mixtures along with burnt sienna to express the atmosphere and mood over the open shore.

Clouds change and morph over the open sea and the sunlight comes and goes, catching the edges of them.

With the coronavirus crisis affecting us all, in so many ways, it has been a difficult few weeks. If my art can help you to feel more peaceful or help in any way at all then that is great.

I will be carrying on painting (inside of course) as best as I can under the restrictions. Living out in the country, I count myself fortunate to have space to look out on at the moment.

Published August 2020