Oil painting Twilight seas

Oil Painting Twilight seas, Lindisfarne by fine artist Timothy Gent
Twilight seas | Oil on panel

Throughout June, I’ve been creating a new series of oil paintings. Having finished Over the shore, I’ve been working on a new oil on canvas board. I went through many iterations over a number of painting sessions, perhaps as many as for a larger canvas.

Twilight seas is a painting of the colours, light and movement over the seashore during late sunset (being on the east coast, the sun sets somewhat behind the beach at Ross sands).

I’ve expressed some of the intense colours found behind the setting sun. The beautiful pinkish and yellow tones. As well as cooler blues and purples, and calmer mid–tones of orangey and greeny browns.

There are traces of the painting process through trailing brushmarks – indicating the movement, dynamism and change in nature. This artwork uses pure brush–marks in a semi–abstract style. I use impasto methods, creating the finished version of the painting in a single sitting (or in my case standing).

Twilight seas is modern, minimal and brimming with dynamic movement. As the oil painting is 20.3 cm square, it offers a lot of potential for hanging in a variety of spaces. Whether you place it within a larger (possibly glazed) frame for more of a statement, or you place it in an intimate, smaller space, it will always remind you of nature and the sea.

Published June 2019