Infinite seas oil painting

Oil painting on canvas Infinite seas by fine artist Timothy Gent
Infinite seas | Oil on canvas

Continuing my series of seascape oil paintings on canvas over the last few weeks, I've just finished Infinite seas. Capturing the sense of light and movement you experience when looking out from the beach.

I've used minimal shapes to express movement and dynamism over the canvas. So this artwork has a more minimal, modern and abstract feel about it than others I have painted recently. I intended Infinite seas to be a celebration of space, light and the movement of the seashore.

As with all my oil paintings, I've left traces of my painting method through the marks created and there are interesting textures created within the work. The thicker areas of paint are the areas of pure white which occur when you paint from dark to light.

The colours in this artwork are a real treat, with a rich range of tones created from pure cerulean and ultramarine blues shaded into yellows and whites over a Venetian red foundation.

For a few years now, I've been using titanium white with safflower oil for whites. Using safflower oil based titanium white should lead to less yellowing of the white over time, as can happen with linseed oil based whites. On a similar note, I've been lead-free in my paints for quite a few years now. Although I miss the painting sensations and the creamy textures!

Published August 2017