Out to sea, Ross sands Watercolour Painting

Out to sea, Ross sands by fine artist Timothy Gent
Out to sea, Ross sands | Watercolour on paper

I hope you’re Autumn has started well! In some ways there have been so many things to keep us occupied through the summer, with so many changes in the air. I’ve been keeping busy producing my fine art with visits to the coast and trips into the Cheviot Hills.

On visits to the sea, it is the visual beauty and the freedom you feel on the beach which is what I love to share through a visual medium.

You can often feel yourself getting closer and in more direct connection to the natural environment. Where you notice the visual patterns, rhythms and movements going on all the time, against slower moving backgrounds. These interactions are very beautiful to watch and I try to express their qualities in my seascape paintings.

Out to sea, Ross sands is one of my latest seascape paintings, based on views by the shore. The water washes over the beach at a slight angle and breaks it’s sparkling waves over the undulating sands, making pools in the sand.

With this watercolour, I’ve used the beautiful natural qualities of watercolour and Arches paper to express the wonderful light, movement and textures of the shore.

Over the next month or so, I will be working on some new contemporary artwork.

Published October 2016