Lucent shore watercolour painting

Continuing with my series of watercolour paintings exploring light and movement over the sea, I’d like to show you my latest painting Lucent shore.

It captures the lovely light found by the seashore. The light ranges from bright reflections from the pools of water in the wet sands, to shimmering light over the waves, to the soft tonal beauty of clouds over the sea.

Watercolour painting Lucent shore by fine artist Timothy Gent
Lucent shore | Watercolour on paper

When you walk along the shore where the tide has been, you notice how much contrast there is from bright light reflecting off the water and the darker areas of sand, sometimes in shadow, particularly at the end of the day. The bright bands of sunlight reaching up and out from the horizon, filtering through the clouds.

You also get a feeling for how open the sandy seascape at St Annes-on-sea is, with your surroundings the sands, the sky and the sea. Where you can just relax and absorb the fresh sea air and drink in the far reaching views.

Lucent shore uses a range of colours from subtle washes of warmed pinks, with mixtures of blue, purples and earthy browns. I’ve used Daniel Smith and Isaro handmade paints on Fabriano Artistico paper, which allows for a beautiful range of watercolour textures.

Published August 2020