Breaking waves at sunset watercolour painting

Breaking waves at sunset watercolour painting by fine artist Timothy Gent
Breaking waves at sunset | Watercolour on paper

Through June, I’ve been exploring the light, movement and atmosphere of the coast through a series of watercolour paintings.

Breaking waves at sunset is my latest addition. I’ve used some cooler reds and yellows of sunset, I’ve also explored some of the beautiful paint textures that can appear when you use smooth paper.

I’ve tried to keep Breaking waves at sunset as fresh and alive as possible. Showing the wonderful quality of light as the waves land on the shore and the coast is bathed in the ethereal colours of sunset.

The light on the sea is shown through expressive and textured watercolour brushmarks. They suggest the movement of the waves as they wash over the sandy shore, shimmering and catching the window of light through the clouds.

The watercolour is a lovely reminder of sunset over the sea, painted in a lively and free style. It would make a great modern addition to your collection or a wonderful fine art feature for your home or office interior.

You can see this new painting in the gallery. If you’d like to talk to me directly about this new artwork, you are welcome to contact me.

Published June 2018