Out to sea oil painting

Oil painting Out to sea by fine artist Timothy Gent
Out to sea | Oil on canvas

I've finished a new oil painting Out to sea which explores light and movement over the sea. It is inspired by summer views of the Northumberland coast - one of my favourite coastal subjects. The view is of a changeable day with sunshine coming in and out through the windswept clouds. The sunlight also catches the white of waves breaking over the beach.

The ever-present movement over the coast is shown through broad, multi-directional brushstrokes of different speed and texture. The patterns and the unique marks created add to a sense of movement. You can almost feel the movement of the waves as they break over the wide open shore as clouds form and re-form over the seashore. I've used colour in a semi-abstract, expressive way with some lovely blues and purples, contrasting with a range of yellows and earth colours.

I've used some fantastic handmade Williamsburg colours for the first time, Naples yellow - a lovely clean earthy yellow and Ultramarine together with Michael Harding colours. The painting is ready to hang and has white edges 4.3 cm deep.

Published July 2017