Sunset watercolour paintings from the gallery collection

The latest original sunset watercolour paintings collection in the gallery offers a number of attractive qualities. They bring you reminders of the brilliant sunlight, the natural beauty of the sandy beach, the sea and the fresh air.

The sunset can be expressed beautifully in many artist mediums. When creating watercolour of the sunset like Serene sunset below, you can use the white of the paper as well as the body colour to show luminance and the strength of light.

Serene sunset original seascape painting by Timothy Gent

The sunset over the sea

Sunset over the vast space and openness of the beach changes the atmosphere of the beach dramatically over a small period of time. Not only the intensity of light but the colours displayed change before your eyes.

As you look up from beach the skies are particularly stunning, exhibiting such a variety of colour, in such richness that you wouldn’t think possible in nature. Then there are the patterns and tones of the sea which are changing all the time as it washes over land.

Detail of the sky in a sunset seascape painting by Timothy Gent

The sun slowly descends towards the horizon, casting a warm glow over the tranquil sea. As it drops lower and lower, the skies transform from shades of blue into gradients of deep orange and pink, creating a temporary colourful light show. The clouds above change into beautiful gold, pink and purple shapes. The water catches some of the vibrant hues in the sky, with waves lapping over the shore, adding to the peaceful ambience.

As the sun continues its descent below the horizon, the colours strengthen and the existing clouds take on new shapes and forms. The once bright orange colours transform into a fiery reds. The water, now reflects the deep red of the sky, creating a captivating seascape.

As the sunlight fades below the horizon, the sky transitions towards a soft gradients of colour, signalling the end of another day.

It can be surprisingly beautiful and peaceful when you are there, absorbed in watching the sun vanish into the sea.

Detail of the sky in a twilight sunset seascape painting by Timothy Gent

Sunset through the seasons

It is a breathtaking sight that never fails to leave us in awe. It occurs every day, but it never gets old. The mood and atmosphere of sunset over the sea differs through every season, and each time of year has its unique charm.

The spring and autumn bring increasingly earlier and later sunsets. Summer brings a background of brighter skies, often warm and vibrant colours. Winter sunset seascapes create a sense of wonder and magic of nature. The short days bring inspiring qualities of light over everything. With the sun remaining low in the sky and with the cold weather, it creates a wonderful atmosphere and infinitely soft tones and colours. The light ranges from intense contrasts of light between the sky and the shore to a wonderful atmospheric softness. Winter clouds seem to present differently, with beautiful natural shapes throughout the sky. If the weather is changeable you can often see fantastic tonal colour shifts during sunset. From cool blues towards pink in the clouds. If there are clear open skies you see a marvellous wide tonal shift from the yellowey orange horizon towards a range of blues.

Sunset seascape paintings of England

English seascapes with their typical north European beach landscapes tend to suggest a more natural palette, reflecting the qualities of the sunset over Englands coastal beaches.

When you paint nature as you’ve seen it, you come to realise that it is almost impossible to show its full, complex beauty. I do my best to convey what I have experienced, passing on the feelings and memories of those inspiring visual views. Using the fluid medium of paint to pass on the visual patterns and rhythms of the moving sea over the sand and the movement of passing clouds in the sky. The quality of light and the marvellous colours which emerge are a challenge to create, especially when painting.

Each sunset is unique, and the colours that fill the sky can vary depending on the season, location, and weather conditions. The beauty that the sunset brings to the sky is universally appreciated and admired by all.

Published November 2023