Sunset serenity watercolour painting

Sunset serenity, St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire by fine artist Timothy Gent
Sunset serenity | Watercolour on paper

During the last month or so, I’ve continued to paint the sunset, including a number of more colourful sunset watercolour paintings based on the reds, oranges and yellows of the low sun as it vanishes beyond the horizon.

My latest painting, Sunset serenity is inspired by the bright contrasting light and colourful intensity of sunset over the sea at St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire, England.

You can imagine the actions of nature, with the shifting broken clouds and the natural rhythms and actions of the sea. One of the beautiful things you sometimes see during sunset or sunrise is the emerging of a wide spectrum of colours over the seascape and it is lovely to observe the colours in the water too.

With this painting, I've suggested cooler shades of pink which transform into yellows and then the fiery yellow and oranges of an intense sun passing under the horizon.

Sunset can be a peaceful time of day, very atmospheric and surprisingly colourful which I've tried to evoke in this watercolour painting.

You can view more details and purchase Sunset serenity in the gallery.

Published November 2018