Twilight, St Annes-on-sea beach watercolour painting

Twilight, St Annes-on-sea beach watercolour painting by Timothy Gent
Twilight, St Annes-on-sea beach | Watercolour on paper

Twilight, St Annes-on-sea beach is my latest original watercolour painting now showing in the gallery. It depicts St Annes-on-sea beach in Lancashire.

For me, the late sunset and the early darkness of evening is a beautiful, serene time, where light and colours become very atmospheric.

It is lovely to see the transformation after sunset over the sandy shore and looking out to sea. The intensity of colour peaks and nature creates rich colour highlights amongst the almost imperceptibly soft shades of beautiful pink and orange.

I’ve painted the colourful atmosphere of the twilight sky and the light-filled reflections over the tide. The watercolour is a fine art reminder of the magical transformations in light and colour that late sunset brings as you look out for miles out to sea.

The large area of natural space over the open sands at St Annes-on-sea creates an evocative seascape. You notice the beautiful formation of clouds overhead, stretching out over a long distance, the open waters and also all the textures and tones of the seashore where the sea meets the sand. The display of twilight over beach is often a treat to see!

Twilight, St Annes-on-sea beach is showing now in the gallery.

Published July 2021