Beach painting Serene twilight

Picture of Serene twilight original watercolour painting by Timothy Gent for news article
Serene twilight | 22.8 cm × 24 cm | Watercolour on paper

Continuing my focus on seascapes with beach paintings of Lytham St Annes beach this year, I have just completed a new artwork titled Serene twilight which expresses the light and colour of the end of daylight. The beautiful pastel-like saturated colours emanate from the horizon as the sun disappears under the horizon for the end of another day. The remaining light dances over the sea as the movement of the waves catch this light. The broad wash of the twilight waves bring you towards darker tones of the flat sandy beach.

This painting of twilight over the sea was created with a fluid painting style, where I wanted to be suggestive and creative with the colour and light using the medium of watercolour. I’ve let the colours flow and the shapes emerge to suggest the feelings and atmosphere felt. Colour merges freely throughout the painting. The multi-coloured sky moves from red biased blues towards pure pink and red and onwards towards an a delicate sunlit yellow. Yellows and blues mix bringing out impromptu greens. Subtle textures show develop through the artist pigments interaction with the water and the paper. Movement is suggested through the direction of the cloud and the lines over the shore.

A brand new work for late summer 2022, the original painting is painted on Arches Aquarelle 300gsm/140lb regular textured and stretched artist watercolour paper. At the moment, I use a select few of my favourite watercolour paints by Daniel Smith, USA and Schminke from Germany.

As with all my original paintings, the artwork is signed, titled and dated on the back. It is ready for you to mount and frame according to your requirements.

Serene twilight is a timeless, calm reminder of twilight, the simple rhythms of nature at work and the ever-moving sea.

You can view more details about Serene twilight in the gallery.

Published August 2022