Twilight horizons watercolour painting

Twilight horizons seascape watercolour painting is the latest artwork in a series of artworks capturing the atmospheric light of sunset over the seashore.

Inspired by studies of the beach when I was allowed to travel to St Annes-on-sea during previous months. The painting captures a late sunset view during a clear, cold day.

Twilight horizons original watercolour painting by Timothy Gent
Twilight horizons | Watercolour on paper

The roar of the sea carries on the wind, as you look towards the shoreline over pools of water lying in the sandy undulations created by the previous tide. The pools of water on the beach mirroring the colourful sky, filled with atmospheric clouds making beautiful shapes, morphing through time.

The change in intensity of light and the spectrums of colour during twilight are silent, revealing surprising colours and shapes - I've chosen to show this quality of delightful surprise through painting with semi-abstract shades of colour. Glowing pinks and green hued yellows contrast with purple hued blues of the sea.

You can feel some of the open, peaceful qualities of being out in such an open space. Surrounded by the movement of nature as it changes over time. One of the reasons I choose to paint this environment is the personal sense of peace and tranquility it imparts, where you can observe the silent changes of nature through time.

Twilight horizons is available now in the watercolour paintings section of the gallery.

Published December 2020