Early summer seascape paintings

Bright shore original watercolour painting by fine artist Timothy Gent
Bright shore | Watercolour painting on paper

Having finished a large oil painting and waiting for it to dry, I’ve been creating more early summer seascape watercolour paintingss. Trying to capture the qualities of the coastal landscape, the beautiful skies, light and open space.

There have been two watercolour paintings that have emerged as part of the current collection, Bright shore (shown above) and Last light.

All the paintings are painted on small/medium sized thicker paper by Arches which (although machine-made) has a particular textural charm and is a very robust paper.

The sea and it’s natural movement, the light in the sky and its moods are beautiful things to paint and are an inspiring subject.

In addition, I’ve been working on a request for a larger colour drawing on smooth watercolour paper this past week. Slightly unusually, I’ve combined a light wash of watercolour paint as a foundation for coloured layers of pencil on-top. It is almost like having a free choice of coloured paper to use and seems to permit a greater control over colour.

Into July, I will be starting a new oil painting on a 40cm square canvas — another voyage of discovery.

Published June 2016