Seascape paintings for Spring 2023

Cover of Seascape watercolour paintings catalogue for Spring 2023
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The latest collection of seascapes for Spring 2023 are now for sale in the gallery. They are showing within the permanent collection of my watercolours and you can now view a PDF catalogue of all the new paintings.

The artworks are a reflection of both my artistic individual interpretation and the weather experienced when viewing the seashore from the beginning of this year. I’ve been visiting my favourite subject, Lytham St Annes beach for inspiration.

Creating smaller watercolours on paper of inspiring moments while walking along the beach. Some of these moments include late afternoon sunsets and it is usually the light or the particular patterns I’ve noticed while looking out to sea which spurns a new artwork.

Quite a few of the new watercolours are vertical or square shaped and this enables me to express space and distance seen. The seascape during this time of year is markedly different from other seasons and the low light of shorter days makes many of these views atmospheric. Somehow the colder weather makes one feel the power of nature a little more and I’ve seen some dramatic clouds over the sea during this winter.

The paintings all depict the tide over the sandy beach at Lytham St Annes in Lancashire and use the traditional medium of watercolour on paper with no extra white added.

I hope you enjoy this new collection of artwork and if you’d like more information about the new pictures, please get in touch.

Published March 2023