Seascape paintings from the summer

Painting of the summer seashore by Timothy Gent
Bright shore by Timothy Gent

Over the last month or so, I’ve been creating more summer seascapes. They are based on views of St Annes-on-sea beach after a couple of visits. They are somewhat larger than my previous paintings and I’ve introduced white gouache into these artworks.

The reason I’ve added gouache into the mix is to increase the opacity of the watercolours compared to my other artworks on paper. You see more areas of opaque colour in the image - approaching the qualities of oil or acrylic mediums. This is so that I can add further colour expression.

It has been a challenge to paint using both transparent and opaque processes according to my style. They push the artwork firmly towards the opaque side and have a lot of similarities with the way I might paint in oils.

Published September 2023