Serene horizons oil painting

Oil painting Serene horizons by fine artist Timothy Gent
Serene horizons | Oil on canvas

Serene horizons is a new original oil painting inspired by calm views over the seashore. The peaceful, slow moving seas are surrounded by beautiful patterns in the clouds.

I’ve tried to show the quality of light found at the seashore. Light catches the shallower parts of the sea and a hazier, softer light is seen out over the distant seas and to the horizon.

Movement is shown through varied brushstrokes at different planes to one another. I’ve used abstracted but natural colours with cool pinks, warmer Italian ochres, Raw Sienna and Naples Yellow with tints of cadmium yellow against ultramarine blues. I’ve also used Prussian blue and Ultramarine blue in the sea.

Serene horizons seascape painting invites you to explore the magnificent coastal light and the gentle, constant movement found out in nature. It has a contemporary, minimal feel with space and scale explored through semi-abstract marks. A peaceful contemporary painting of the sea and a reminder of the beauty of nature.

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Published November 2017