Enjoy your original paintings

Many of us are now spending a greater amount of time at home. Whether it is living or working at home, our living environment has become more and more important.

Naturally we look to make our environment as pleasing and comfortable as we can and one of the ways is to display your fine art (or even start your own collection). Your environment could be improved at a relatively low cost by acquiring and displaying original paintings on your walls.

You can change the look of your interior subtley or radically - giving your space a completely different look. One or two new original paintings or a replacement of existing artworks can be done easily. Without the hassle of moving furniture and/or redecorating which leaves you unable to use a room for a while.

If you’ve collected some beautiful new watercolour paintings but have no access to a framer, it may still be possible to enjoy your new artwork and hang it on the wall. For small to medium watercolour paintings, as a temporary solution, you could create a ‘dry mount’ with small white hooks or pins on a base board hung to the wall (this would only work for a paper weight around 300lb 640gsm or so) otherwise it will not be able to support itself.

The paper may therefore remain undamaged and you can enjoy your artwork. You will need to take care that the artwork doesn't get damaged while it is unprotected (unless you placed a suitably sized piece of thick cellophane, clear perspex or lightweight glass over the watercolour) but you will be able to enjoy seeing it on the wall until you have access to framing services.

Original painting by fine artist Timothy Gent hanging in an interior
Offshore, Lindisfarne | Oil on canvas

Original oil paintings can be hung without issue, as soon as you receive them. Assuming that they will be shown in a suitable dry environment with a reasonably stable temperature and away from direct sunlight.

In the long run, under normal circumstances, you might have considered a high quality contemporary frame and also that your oil painting investment is glazed. This will ensure maximum physical protection from the elements over the paintings lifetime.

Working with oils and observing the nature of the way it dries as an artist, you see how much variation there is over the surface of the artwork. Some paint colours dry to a hard consistency very quickly, others take months for the surface to dry and remain flexible and delicate. Its complexity and unique makeup has led me to shy away from applying any kind of varnish (matt or gloss) over the paint surface.

I like to leave it as I have just finished the painting and to leave it untouched. Leaving the frame and its glazing in front of the oil painting as phystical protection against the elements. This is just my opinion and as I mentioned, it will depend on the kind of environment the oil painting will be kept in.

Ideally it is recommended to display your original oil paintings in an environment where temperature doesn’t vary too much. In low humidity and low light — much the same conditions as you’d find in an established art gallery. All paints, even modern ones hate sunlight and will keep their original colour and qualities much better given a little care.

It can be fantastic to have new original paintings on the wall and it is such an uplifting mental gift to give yourself and others you may live with.

I hope you've found this information useful and why not have a look around the gallery while you are here.

Published January 2021