Cloudburst out to sea watercolour painting

Cloudburst out to sea is one of my recent seascape watercolour paintings on paper, expressing the atmosphere and beautiful light over the seashore.

Cloudburst out to sea watercolour painting | Timothy Gent Gallery
Cloudburst out to sea | Watercolour on paper | 27 × 24.1 cm | Ref: 1908C21

It is based on views over the sea from the North East coast of England at Lindisfarne in Northumberland. Having visited there a number of times, I was inspired by the beautiful skies as rain was falling over the sea and the light was breaking through the clouds.

The range of tones and the contrasts are wonderful and are seen all over the open sky. The clouds built up and hovered over the horizon, leading up to blue skies up above.

I’ve used a loose and free way of painting, using my square edged brushes to create a spontaneous, modern and contemporary feel to the artwork.

As you might be able to see from the pictures of the painting, the texture of the Arches Aquarelle paper shows in the washes of colour. I’ve also used the "cold pressed" texture to express light sparkling from the waves as they reach the land.

The watercolour is of medium size and once framed, would make a wonderful reminder of the open seashore for your home or office.

Cloudburst out to sea is now showing in the gallery.

Published September 2021