Northern horizons oil painting

After a number of visits to the sea over the last few months, I’ve been working on two square oil paintings of 20cm. Both of them are semi-abstract seascape paintings, created over a number of painting sessions involving working and re-working the canvas.

Northern horizons celebrates the beautiful light and movement over the shore, using expressive colour and brushstrokes. The directional brushstrokes in rich oil paints add a dynamism to the painting, suggesting the morphing cloud forms over the sea.

Varied textures created through multiple layers of paint worked and reworked over the canvas. Capturing the beautiful open space and atmospheric tones found as you look out to sea at Ross sands, Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast.

Oil painting Northern horizons by fine artist Timothy Gent
Northern horizons | Oil on canvas

I've used a broad range of colours, incorporating orange and yellows, brown neutrals and cool purple blue mixes from Williamsburg and Michael Harding. Painted in a fluid, expressive way to evoke the quality of light and the movement of nature.

Northern horizons oil painting is available for sale now in the gallery and would make for a wonderfully modern fine art reminder of the sea.

Published September 2020