Sunset seashore, Lytham St Annes watercolour painting

Over the last few weeks I’ve focused on painting in watercolour, creating pictures of the sea. Sunset seashore, Lytham St Annes is one of my latest artworks.

Sunset seashore, Lytham St Annes original watercolour painting by Timothy Gent
Sunset seashore, Lytham St Annes | Watercolour on paper

This painting captures strong sunlight as it shines through the clouds and over the seashore. It's filled with contrasts of light and shade and some creative textures throughout.

I aimed to express the atmosphere of the setting sun over the sea. A beautiful tonal light is cast over the water and behind the clouds, creating a silhouetted sandy shoreline, full of reflective pools.

I've used natural colours inspired from life to express the strong light as it bursts through the moving clouds.

The watercolour paint I've used is by Daniel Smith, a very fine paint brand from the US. Cobalt and Cerulean blues are used with mixes of Cadmium red and yellow, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Naples Yellow, Burnt Sienna and finally Raw Umber. I’ve also used Arches Aquarelle paper in a 300lb 640 gsm weight which is a quality, medium textured paper.

View Sunset seashore, Lytham St Annes in the gallery.

Published March 2021